As a temp recruitment agency owner, you can recruit staff with the requisite skills to fulfil all back-office tasks, or you can choose to ‘outsource’ them. You can outsource at any time, but doing so from the outset has the benefit of ensuring you have efficient processes in place from the start, giving your business a greater chance of success with a highly professional and competitive edge. 

Outsourcing your back office to the right third party will:

  • Maximise your earnings from day one, freeing up time and money for reinvestment and sales work
  • Ensure that all back-office tasks are completed in an efficient and timely manner, reflecting the professionalism of your agency
  • Ensure that you offer a good, consistent level of customer service helping to build your reputation while differentiating you from your competitors
  • Ensure that complex tasks connected to payroll, credit control and compliance will be handled by experts
  • Streamline your admin tasks while keeping you compliant
  • Reduce the risk of human error as you will not be reliant upon the skills of one person or a small team
  • Eliminate the need to invest time and money in recruiting and training staff to fulfil varied admin roles
  • Give you access to detailed and accurate reporting 
  • Provide the reassurance that your admin tasks are handled securely with advanced technology and software
  • Future proof your business growth. If your business changes or grows suddenly, you will have a strong system in place to cope with the new demands

There are multiple reasons why a recruitment business makes the move to outsourcing, such as if you:

  • Are finding the varied and complex back office work stressful and difficult to manage
  • Are struggling to find staff with the requisite skills to fulfil varied back-office tasks and do not wish to spend time and money on training
  • Do not have the requisite office space to comfortably accommodate back-office staff and the equipment needed for them to fulfil their roles
  • Feel too much of your time and energy is going into managing back-office responsibilities instead of acquiring new contracts and sales

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