• 12:03, the creative marketing agency launches today and is formed by Tom Howard of The Gentleman Racer with investment and support from We Are Nameless founders Steve Lambert and Nik Ellwood

• The dynamic new agency offers content, influencer, brand, social and event services to a broad range of brands, large and small, nationally and internationally.

12:03 is a new form of dynamic creative agency utilising social media, events, content creation, influencers, and other potent platforms. Leading influencer and content creator Tom Howard’s “The Gentleman Racer” has a high-end portfolio that includes Bentley, Aston Martin, and Hackett. Founded by Lambert and Ellwood, We Are Nameless provides social media, content, events, and strategy to a variety of automotive-focused companies such as BYD, the biggest producer of new energy vehicles globally. By utilising the channel mix to the fullest, 12:03 will provide authentic and one-of-a-kind experiences that resonate with target consumers. Because of its flexible architecture, 12:03 is in a unique position to assist both big and small brands, regardless of their location or stage of development.

Managing Director of 12:03 Tom Howard remarks “Today’s consumer doesn’t just buy a product or service; they buy into an experience and a set of values. Our mission at 12:03 is to bridge the gap between brands and their audiences, creating meaningful interactions that translate into lasting relationships.”

To keep its clients on the cutting edge of the digital world, 12:03 prioritises innovation and uses the newest trends and technologies. The agency is not just a marketing agency; it is a partner committed to helping clients navigate the complexities of the modern marketing landscape. 12:03 is positioned to elevate the standard for lifestyle marketing thanks to its strategic approach and creative drive.

To find out more about the new agency, what it offers, and how it may help your business engage customers in a meaningful way, visit 1203.agency.