Electric cars are the future, whether you want low cost motoring, latest tech or unrivalled performance. However upfront costs can be high and if you don’t have a drive or garage charging can be tricky, while some areas such as Coventry have amazing charging infrastructure our ‘second city’ Birmingham is lagging behind. At the same time many Midlands businesses are struggling to attract and retain the best talent in an increasingly competitive market.

Since 2010 we’ve been helping local companies into the ‘electric revolution’ via a little known but very tax efficient method called salary sacrifice, the principle is simple, give your team the option of an electric car in lieu of salary. We handle everything with your team and take the car back if they leave but the employer pays for the car, deducting the cost from the colleague. Not only does this mean the scheme costs you nothing but you can actually save some employees NI too! It’s aimed at all payrolled employees, not those who need a car for work but those who need one for life so it really bolsters your employee attraction and overall CSR. Your team save Tax and NI making a brand new electric car, with everything but electricity included, cheaper than running a 5 year old diesel, before you factor in clean air zones etc.

Charging wise colleagues can opt for a charge point at home giving 200 miles overnight for around £6 of electricity, but we’ll also give you a 2 port charge point for your workplace once 5 electric vehicles have been ordered, meaning you move your work vehicles to electric and attract a wider pool of talent. We can also offer advice on moving your transport, logistics and essential users to electric in a friendly genuine way.

To learn more visit www.fleetevolution.com or call 03003020626, or if you’re local visit our Tamworth offices we’d love to see you and if you have an electric car we’ll fill you with coffee while your car fills outside!