Ransomware is going to disrupt more than a third of East Midlands businesses in 2022.

That’s the prediction from local data security expert Lee Hewson, of IT support company Your IT Department, who’s been studying the latest stats.

Lee said: “A business is hit by ransomware every 11 seconds. It’s far bigger than most owners and managers realise. And it makes me sad to predict so many local businesses will fall victim next year.”

Ransomware is a dangerous type of attack, where hackers get into a computer or entire network, and encrypt the data they find.

This means the business can’t access its own data. To return it, the hackers demand a ransom fee.

But even paying the fee is no guarantee your data will be returned. And sometimes the hackers can destroy the business’s backups as well.

The latest stats for this year reveal:

  • 32% of victims paid a ransom fee
  • But on average they only got 65% of their data back
  • And the total cost of ransomware this year was more than £14 billion

“Most ransomware is a trojan, meaning it relies on someone accidentally triggering it by opening an attachment, or visiting an unsecured website,” Lee explained.

“It only takes one click on one bad link and the damage is done.

“There are many things businesses can do to protect themselves, including using extra security services, and training their staff what to look out for. I recommend all businesses make ransomware protection a priority for the start of the new year.”

Your IT provide more information on ransomware and how to protect your business in this article – https://www.your-itdepartment.co.uk/knowledge-bank/ransomware-what-is-it-and-how-does-it-work/