A local business coach has boosted the Warwickshire & Coventry economy by a staggering £31million in the past 12 months. Kevin Riley of ActionCOACH Warwick has supported local business owners with their profitability, productivity and efficiency during the pandemic, giving many of those a lifeline when times were at their toughest. With sheer vigour, determination and passion, he’s given back in a way that hasn’t gone unnoticed.


As revealed at the ActionCOACH global conference at the beginning of August, Kevin tops the ranking in how much he has contributed to the local economy. The eye-watering figure is the total turnover of Kevin’s clients from June 2020 to May 2021, demonstrating his impact on businesses and their bottom lines.


“I’m astounded by that figure myself, to be honest,” said Kevin. “Whilst I would like to take credit, I think the applause needs to be directed towards my wonderful clients. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to come to work every day and love what I do, and without them we wouldn’t be seeing results such as this. They have all shown true tenacity to tackle the pandemic and come out even stronger. I couldn’t be any prouder.”


Alongside his wonderful financial impact, Kevin has also helped 44 of his clients achieve their personal best trading months during the pandemic. His support led to the addition of 156 jobs within the area during that same timeframe. Will and Grace Lyne of Christopher Peters Kitchens and Interiors, are thrilled with how much Kevin has helped them through one-to-one coaching.


“Although the last year has been tough mentally and financially for myself, Grace and the business, we are grateful for the downtime it provided us to really focus with Kevin,” said Will. “Everything we have done has given us so much confidence in ourselves, our business and where we will be able to go in the future. We look back to the start of the last year and now our company is completely unrecognisable.”


This accolade is just the latest for the ActionCOACH Warwick team since their launch just over two years ago – taking this award is even more impressive when you consider there are over 1,000 Action Coaches across 80 countries!


If you’d like to hear more from Kevin and his team, visit www.warwick.actioncoach.co.uk