For recruitment agencies, as with any business, regulatory compliance is an important issue. Employers need to make sure that they, and any workers employed by or through them, are compliant with all eligibility and right to work criteria.


Recruitment agencies, specifically those employing temporary workers and contractors, have been in the news, along with other UK employers that have had to pay fines of almost £30m, for failing to carry out and fully comply with current ‘right to work’ checks.  With fines of up to £20k per illegal worker, the risk is significant.


The figures showed that whilst this amount is following the general industry trend of reducing year on year, with more recruiters and employers becoming compliant with regulations, there is still a significant number of recruitment agencies and employers who are not.


Recruitment agencies, employers and umbrella companies are responsible for making sure all their employees and recruitment practices are fully compliant with all legislation. For recruitment agencies, this means complying with both industry-specific and cross-industry legislation such as the following:

* GDPR – framework for data protection laws

* Driver and vehicle licensing and compliance

* Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

* Proof of CPR training and accreditation

* Proof of nursing qualifications

* CSCS Card


It is difficult to know the ins and outs of every piece of legislation which could be pertinent to an industry, and the full extent of all the possible compliance issues for temporary recruitment agencies, but it is estimated as many as 25% of recruiters could be non-compliant with the latest HMRC legislation without their knowledge. 


Using management software helps to track what compliance issues and regulations there are for each role recruited for. Flo Software is designed to make compliance management for temp recruitment agencies easier and simpler.


Most industries require employers, recruitment agencies and employees to comply with various pieces of legislation and regulation surrounding the right to work and any necessary industry specific qualifications.


Flo has been specifically designed and built for use by the temporary recruitment industry. We understand the unique needs of businesses operating in this area and our cloud-based software system allows companies real-time monitoring and visibility of their contingent or agency labour force.


Flo helps temporary recruitment agencies to manage their candidate information, ensuring they are fully up to date and compliant. Our unique platform does this via real-time monitoring of candidate data. The system can be set up to deliver regular, automated alerts and reminders – making keeping up with compliance easy.  Our software system eliminates ‘human error’ and ensures your business won’t be the next to be fined


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