30 June 2021 12noon – 1pm

Hosted in partnership with the Department for International Trade (DIT), Coventry City Council’s Green Business and Business Support Programme Team are delighted to be sharing with businesses in our region, on why it is now time for businesses to go green in our next GreenTalk LIVE webinar.

Attendees will discover how the Clean Growth agenda can help you grow your business and how the Department for International Trade (DIT) can support you to find international opportunities. Green growth is an important economic driver – growing around four-times faster than the overall economy; now is the time for businesses to capitalise on this opportunity with many funding opportunities available.

The DIT will be outlining how they support local businesses to grow internationally through their programmes, as well as help them to win bids by meeting green objectives and using local supply chains. There will also be an overview of Coventry City Councils ERDF grant funded programmes for business in the areas of Investment, Innovation, Green Business and Skills for Growth.

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