A website cements your identity in the online world and can be used as a platform to provide more information about your business, showcase your products and services, attract new customers, and improve your market credibility. Ultimately, the success of your website plays a huge part in determining the success of your business online and how many leads are converted into sales. But if all it takes is seven seconds for somebody to form an opinion of you when you first meet, you can imagine it takes even less time for somebody to form an impression of your website. In fact, consumers will often make up their mind about a website in less than a second, which is why first impressions count so much.


There are various different visual elements that go into the impression that a new visitor will form of your website. These are the colours, text and font, logo, symmetry, spacing and more. They all work together to create an appealing or not-so appealing visual impression. To create a highly appealing website, focus on keeping it simple, but with a strong design that captures the essence of your business and makes a memorable first impression. This Birmingham web development company can help you with putting together a website that is unique but still follows popular trends and industry standards.

Menu and Navigation

How easy they find it to get around your website may also have an impact on the first impression that your customers will make of it. If you look at almost any website, there will be some kind of navigation bar. This will often be the first place where a customer gets their information about your business and what you offer. Spend some time defining the right headings and putting in the effort so that the people who see them are more likely to spend more time scrolling and learning more about the rest of your website.


The main goal of most business websites is to convert visitors that land on the site into paying customers. When putting the design together, you need to prioritise what is going to encourage customers to stick around – and a website that is easy to use is definitely going to help. Since you have less than one second to capture the attention of your audience, your website should be simple and easy to use, and responsive so that it can be viewed just as easily from one device to the next. If your website confuses a visitor or is difficult to navigate on their device, it is more likely that they will simply move on to another one and forget about yours. Interaction on your website can be boosted by how simple and informative it is.

First impressions matter both in-person and online. No matter what kind of design you choose for your online brand identity, there are some aspects that you will need to focus on to encourage your visitors form a positive first impression of your brand.