Domestic Abuse Awareness webinar, January 20th 2021

This webinar will inform learners about domestic abuse, and how to support those experiencing it.

The webinar will provide attendees with information and guidance on domestic abuse, provide a safe space for discussions and provide follow up information that can be utilised after the training.

The course covers a wide range of topics such as:

• Types of domestic violence and abuse.

• Risk factors for domestic abuse.

• Key principles for helping victims.

• The impact of domestic abuse on children, young people and vulnerable adults.

• Barriers to seeking help, and how to address them.

The training will enable you to better understand the realities and prevalence of domestic abuse, using statistics, legislation and the government definition.

It explores the nature of domestic abuse and enables you to identify behaviours, recognise signs and how this behaviour impacts the victim using real life case studies.

It explores the effects domestic abuse has on children and identifies the societal myths to understand the barriers that stand in the way of a person leaving an abusive relationship.

You will be able to develop strategies to respond sensitively and confidently to a person who is experiencing domestic abuse and know how to source the appropriate support.

The training is written at an introductory level and is suitable for EVERYONE. It will be beneficial for employees, managers, people who feel they may know someone being subjected to domestic abuse, individuals who feel they may need support or someone considering how they can implement domestic abuse knowledge, training and/or policies into their organisation.

The training is a recognised CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Training. Once completed, attendees will receive a CPD certificate.

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