Domestic Abuse awareness Webinar – Tuesday 24th November 2020. 10.00-12.30pm

The webinar has been created with victims in mind and will inform learners about domestic abuse, and how to support those experiencing it.

This webinar is designed to give the maximum amount of information and guidance to those who are working with victims of domestic abuse.

This training course covers a wide range of topics such as:

  • Types of domestic violence and abuse
  • Risk factors for domestic abuse
  • Key principles for helping victims
  • The impact of domestic abuse on children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Barriers to seeking help, and how to address them

The training will enable you to better understand the realities and prevalence of domestic abuse, using statistics, legislation and the government definition. It explores the nature of domestic abuse and enable you to identify behaviours and recognising signs and how this behaviour impacts the victim using real life case studies.  Explore and understand the effects of domestic abuse has on children and identify the societal myths to understand the barriers that stand in the way of a person leaving an abusive relationship. Develop strategies to respond sensitively and confidently to a person who is experiencing domestic abuse and know how to source the appropriate support. 

The training is written at an introductory level and is suitable for workers of all levels, including part-time staff and volunteers. This training is aimed at any professional whose work brings them into contact with adults and children or young people from the voluntary, statutory and private sectors e.g., Professionals who have direct (face to face) or indirect (over the phone) contact. This may include but is not limited to specialist domestic abuse agencies, refuge staff, social care, health workers, doctors, PCSO’s, education workers, youth workers, academic support, voluntary sector support workers, housing officers, community leaders, dentists, opticians, private fostering etc

The training is a recognised CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Training. Once completed, attendees will receive a CPD certificate.

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