Fibre connectivity provider Gigabit Networks has announced a new milestone to start the new year. Thanks to increases in coverage, the company now has 1 million businesses on net across the UK. 

Gigabit Networks is a full-fibre altnet aggregator, offering channel partners access to different altnets through a single point of contact. This gives MSPs and resellers the ability to provide futureproof FTTP and leased line connections, with sales, technical and marketing support from the Gigabit Networks team.

With a growing range of altnet partners, Gigabit Networks can now provide full-fibre connectivity to 1 million businesses nationwide.

Reaching 1,000,000 businesses

Gigabit Networks’ national footprint and access to a variety of altnets has allowed them to achieve the 1,000,000 milestone, and highlights the exciting opportunities for success available to their community of partners.

By accessing a range of altnets including CityFibre, BTW, Full Fibre, Freedom Fibre, Telecom/Giga Britain, ITS, Vodafone and MS3, Gigabit Networks are powering businesses with full-fibre connectivity.

Gigabit Networks are ambitious, and have their sights set on becoming the UK’s premier altnet connectivity aggregator for businesses. As they look to amplify their presence across an extensive network footprint, the altnet aggregator is setting the pace for the connectivity industry’s future.

2024 and Gigabit Networks

Gigabit Network’s reputation is not only built upon access to superior connectivity but also on their outstanding service to partners. Their community of partners benefit from a personalised, one point of contact account management and access to strategic marketing support tailored to their needs as well as engaging incentives.

Gigabit Networks’ Head of New Business and Channel Sales, Tim Loveday, commented on their one million on-net milestone.

“Reaching the one million on-net milestone is amazing, and I think it really shows the drive of the Gigabit Networks team and community of partners we have bringing full fibre to businesses across the UK.

Ultra-fast gigabit connectivity is the future, and we are focused on leading the way. One million is just the beginning and 2024 is set to be fantastic.”

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