At Gigabit Networks, we set our sights high when it comes to our partners. As a supplier, we recognise the immense potential to contribute to the overall success and sustained growth of our partners.

Gigabit Networks

Connectivity is at the core of modern business, and working with our partners we bring fast, future proof, ultra reliable internet connectivity to businesses across the UK. Through a nationwide footprint with access to a wide range of altnets, we’re dedicated to growing businesses and communities.

Our high-quality infrastructure is built for the 21st century, and our wrap around approach to supporting our partners empowers them to deliver superior connectivity and achieve a greater market share and profit.

Partnering with Gigabit Networks

No reseller, MSP or VAR is the same, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to partnership.

Our flexible and tailored approach all depends on the needs of the partner. Some partners are confident to handle ops, tech support and billing themselves, others may require that support from us. Whether a partner needs top to bottom support or just the connectivity, working with Gigabit Networks they have a supplier that’s got their back.

So, what are the benefits of working with a supplier that’s ‘all in’? Let’s start off with our personal approach.

Benefits of partnering with Gigabit Networks


A personal approach

Some suppliers keep things faceless with their channel partners. We don’t.  Here at Gigabit Networks, we like working on first name terms and believe in connecting regularly and listening to the needs of each individual business before we sweep in with what we can do. By getting to know our partners and the challenges they face, we’re immediately in a strong position to tailor the support to their requirements and ultimately elevate their success.


Partners gain access to our range of 1Gbps active products, allowing them to help their customers improve efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Not only do our connectivity solutions offer superior speeds but when it comes to offers and incentives, we’re able to switch competitive offers and incentives overnight.


Invested in our partners, we’re focused on giving them the freedom to use every last inch of our fibre networks across the UK.  Our advanced network infrastructure and commercial flexibility helps our partner achieve a greater market share and profit.

The high quality of our products, support and service is backed up by a proven track record. We invest in system improvements and our people, giving our partners the confidence that we have the most up to date market research and knowledge. And, our benchmarked SLAs confirm a record of quality network delivery and reliability.


As we briefly touched on earlier, our support is tailored to each partner. Through a single point of contact, partners build trusting relationships with the Gigabit Networks team and learn very quickly that we will go the extra mile.  From ops and technical support to marketing and billing, we back our partners with what they need.

For us, connectivity is our core, but we understand that some resellers and MSPs may not have the same knowledge and experience. Working with us, we can support partners with personalised and impactful marketing, from email campaigns to going door to door. If our partners are successful then so are we, which is why we take the time to invest in them.

Future-proof connectivity

At Gigabit Networks we strive to be a leader in future proof connectivity and create strong partnerships with mutual goals. With our nationwide footprint and access to a diverse range of altnets, we are dedicated to propelling businesses and communities into the future with our fast, reliable, and future-proof internet connectivity.

Our unique approach to partnership recognises the individuality of each reseller, MSP, or VAR, ensuring a tailored and flexible collaboration which aligns with their needs. Partnering with Gigabit Networks goes beyond mere connectivity; it is a gateway to a personal, high-speed, and quality experience.

Our commitment to a personal approach, superior speeds, quality infrastructure, and unwavering support underscores our mission to empower partners and contribute to their growth and success. Together, we are bridging the connectivity gap and fostering a future where businesses thrive on the strength of seamless and cutting-edge internet solutions.

To find out more about Gigabit Networks and becoming a partner, get in touch.