Why not improve your process by taking advantage of a Free McQuaig Job Survey.


Advances are being made in industries and companies all the time – however many fail to advance their recruitment process!! 

  • A significant % still recruit on skills and fire on behaviour.
  • Appoint on gut instinct.




  • Underestimate the cost of a bad hire (3 x salary, + the unmeasurable cost on the team, culture, reputation etc).
  • Remain frustrated at the impact on commercial downtime.
  • Concerned with spiralling operational costs.


Investing in your talent strategy is pivotal.


Many companies place an advert and eventually appoint.  But at what cost?  What time was spent on pre-screening? Coordinating stakeholders? Interviewing people not suitable? Reappointing because the candidate left after a year, or 2 years?


Great advances have been made in the world of recruitment which provide access to the best candidates whilst reducing commercial downtime, reducing operational spend and improving retention of new employees by 96%!!   All of this is possible – click on this link Brookwood to gain a brief insight into our approach for qualified Finance, Supply Chain, Tech, HR and Change Management recruitment.


As mentioned, I have a small number of FREE McQuaig Job Surveys – these form part of our recruit and retain strategy – which enables clients to understand and articulate exactly what is needed, behaviourally.  If you are interested there is no catch and no obligation – of course if you would like to work with me, that would be great!


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