The best way to support your valued staff is with understanding, communication & education, but how does that start and how do you integrate that into your teams? At Integral Workplace Wellness we offer a selection of services that help you to do just that.


Wellbeing & Mental Health Support for Staff

Our Proactive Support Service is just that, we conduct a personalised monthly Wellbeing & Mental Health Check-In with each member of staff to connect with them, to check how they are coping and essentially ensure their Mental Wellbeing is healthy.


Business owners, Managers and Staff find our service incredibly useful as it gives staff an opportunity to talk openly at the point of their Check-in. It also offers staff the peace of mind knowing they can book a personalised Coaching Session throughout the month should any challenges arise. Through Coaching, all staff, including management are provided with a supportive outlet to discuss any challenges they may be facing and to receive tangible tools to help them cope in the present and the future.


The Wellbeing & Mental Health needs of businesses and staff have been a widely discussed topic even well before we entered the pandemic. We know from speaking to our clients on a regular basis they appreciate the need to take the Mental Health of their staff seriously.


First Aid for Mental Health Training Courses

We offer 4 Levels of training in First Aid for Mental Health from Awareness to Supervisory and a specialist course for those who work with children and young people. All courses offer your staff a 3 year Accredited Qualification. Having First Aiders for Mental Health in your business will help support colleagues and create an opportunity for open conversations around Mental Health which in turn reduces stigma and increases productivity.


Wellbeing & Mental Health Workshops

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first workshop on Stress & Resilience. In this 2hr workshop we share with you our unique take on the true reflection of Stress & Resilience. Our priority is you. Our aim in this new workshop is to present you with a different perspective on how you resonate with your internalised stress.


Our goal is to shake up your perception of what stress means to you, both inwardly and outwardly. We provide you with easy, relatable and real-world tools that are very effective and can be actioned in seconds, creating an opportunity for you to release the majority of your day to day stress.


Contact us to arrange a free 30 min discussion to learn how best to support the Wellbeing & Mental Health of your staff and business.

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