In February 2022, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued guidelines for UPS (uninterruptible power supply) manufacturers and engineers following the identification of numerous catastrophic equipment failures, but 2 years on many end users are still neglecting to implement proper service and maintenance programmes.

HSE said the importance of regular maintenance wasn’t being highlighted sufficiently and they urged end users to update maintenance arrangements and ensure they have the most up to date information from the manufacturer regarding their UPS systems.

They raise concerns that maintenance schedules are often inadequate because end users have a false impression of UPS safety and reliability that is ultimately putting lives at risk and advise that UPS systems may have been installed without any redundancy and that end users are failing to schedule appropriate maintenance, risking safety critical loads.

One such case cited in the report had caused an “unplanned shutdown of a chemical processing plant” that resulted in the “release of toxic substances into the environment”, with other cases resulting in localised fires breaking out; all with the potential to cause danger to life.

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