Learn How To Think More Strategically

When it comes to creating an effective marketing strategy and thinking more strategically as a leader, the Enterprise for Success workshops cover a whole host of important skills and techniques to embrace when growing a successful business.

Enterprise for Success Workshops
Tuesdays: 1 – 22 June 2021
10.00am – 1.00pm

Our popular workshop in February was well-received by recent participants. Here’s what Lorraine Duffy, brand owner of Getting Dirty® Activewear for Action Sport Communities, said:

“Incredibly well-delivered, and I appreciated the friendly tone. Both lecturers had very successful corporate business experience, which added to this course’s impact.  They have been there and done it; they know what works and what does not. Invaluable advice.”

Our 4-week online programme is aimed at encouraging new business start-ups and helps new businesses to grow and thrive. It comprises four sessions, which work together to complete a strategic approach to leadership and marketing, to help you to achieve your business goals.

Over the course of the programme, from analysing your purpose, vision and values, we will support you with a structured review of your overall business performance, followed by free advice and assistance. Led by our business specialists, the workshop programme offers you hands-on advice and guidance, practical tools and techniques to take away, and includes ways to develop and improve your business by looking at specific key areas, including:

•    Analysing Your Barriers to Growth
•    Developing Your Leadership Skills
•    Defining the Value of Your Business

Participants need to attend all four sessions, in order to gain the most benefit from the programme, along with learning new skills and techniques, essential to creating a comprehensive business strategy:

Leadership Strategy
1 June – Workshop 1: Analysing your Growth Journey; Purpose, Vision and Values
8 June – Workshop 2: Learn how to Think More Strategically

Marketing Strategy
15 June – Workshop 3: Understand and Develop your Value Proposition
22 June – Workshop 4: Elements of an Effective Marketing Campaign