With what can only be described as fairly late notice of the trade agreement struck between the EU and the UK just 7 days before the end of the Brexit Transition Period at the end of 2020. Businesses have had to deal with many post-Brexit hurdles connected to their individual supply chains at considerable pace.


Some businesses will have had existing human resources, administrative capability and the financial capacity to take proactive action. Others will have only had limited capacity and so will have had no alternative but to act more reactively. The commonality between businesses which move goods and supply services on what was described as an ‘intra-EU’ basis, is that the post-Brexit customs and VAT changes they have faced since 1 January 2021 will have impacted their supply chains in some way. The level of this impact may be being felt now by businesses or it may take some time to come to the fore.


In this webinar we will consider some of the key changes and common hurdles now faced by UK businesses and businesses which have a trade footprint in the UK. These hurdles include:

  • the introduction of import and export customs declarations
  • UK and EU import duties
  • the removal of VAT simplifications
  • the relevance of the rules of origin
  • Incoterms and the effect which these may have had and will still be having on your supply chains.


This ripple effect will extend to your suppliers, your UK and EU customers, potentially any connected EU entities or subsidiaries and even your third party customs agents.

Think of this session as an opportunity to build capacity, upskill or just as an opportunity to ‘sense check’ some of the topics which you may have read about, been told about or post-Brexit questions which may still remain unanswered for you and your business.


Click here for more information: TAX – Customs & VAT Webinar | Post-Brexit Supply Chain Hurdles – 15 April 2021