Join Lucent Financial Planning on either Thursday 25 November 2021 or Wednesday 26 January 2022 at Hogarths Hotel Solihull and make sense of your retirement planning, with practical jargon-free insight,
Preparing not only your money for retirement but also your mind and life to help ensure a smooth transition from work into retirement.

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Retirement can be daunting, let us help you make sure the transition for you is smooth by making sure you are financially and emotionally ready to live the life you want, as you enter this exciting phase of your life.


By attending you will learn:

Preparing your money for retirement  

Maximise the money and opportunities you have to make and save money, before and during retirement.

Questions During the course of the workshop there will be plenty of time to ask questions about what is important to you, but you can also send these in advance to [email protected]

Hear from one of our cherished clients about their passage to retirement, their story and how Lucent Financial Planning have helped them.


Preparing your mind for retirement  

Retirement can be daunting, there are going to be 70+ hours a week where you were at work, travelling to or from work, thinking about work and being too knackered from work to do anything else.

  • How are you going to fill that time?
  • Do you feel you will become less important after retirement? Many feel a loss of status or worth.
  • Will you miss the social side of work? What will you replace it with?
  • Are you able to flip this transition in your mind from ‘retiring from…’ to ‘retiring to…’?

We do not want to you be someone that retires and watches daytime TV all day. It will rot your mind! Retirement is the time to expand your mind, not limit it. Do not underestimate the psychological effect the transition to retirement can have.


Preparing your life for retirement  

What is it, that you are going to do? Old or new hobbies, extensive travel or exploring the UK, studying something new or advancing your knowledge in an area of current interest?

What big dreams do you have? This should be the best time of your life, you have money, time, and your health. Most people do not have all three for long in their life and you need to maximise this time. For someday and maybe someday soon, your health will wane, and you will not be able to do all the wonderful things life had to offer.


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