At One Safety Team Group we believe in safety and teamwork together.  We believe that everybody has a part to play in delivering safety and creating a safe environment.

One Team Event Safety Management is the event safety side of our business.  With over twenty years of event safety experience taking in events as wide ranging as carnivals, sports events, Christmas lights switch on, new years eve parties to music concerts and festivals we are all rounders that can provide safety for your event.

Our experience is also matched with qualifications and an ongoing commitment to continual professional development that is the same for any member of our team.

We are able to plan and execute the safety at an event.  We are the visible safety team at an event, but we are not the only safety team.

Everybody has a role that they can play in safety.  If you see it, report it. 

There are times when people will clam up when they see either me or a member of my team.  Our fluorescent jacket or just the words “Security” or “Steward” tend to kill conversations about acts or plans that we may want to know about.

That said when a person sees the cleaner or a vendor etc they are less likely to be guarded in what they say.  As such it is imperative that at the event there is a culture where these people can feed into the safety team and appreciate that their voice will be heard and listened to.

This is where our One Team philosophy comes in.

The above example is an extreme one but also one that I have experienced at an event.

Other examples may be where a person has seen something, and their instinct tells them that it is not safe.  Again, here the culture of one team and of an ability for anyone to be able to feed into the safety team we can react accordingly.

So, how do we do this?

A One Team Event Safety Manager will take the time to introduce themselves to all the key people and to offer to be available when each section head does their briefings. 

In that briefing if there is an opportunity to speak then we will discuss with that team how they can help us to deliver a safe event and to also talk about the interactions between the teams. 

Where that team are likely to interact with other key people within the safety team make sure that the team knows who they are as well.

If an event organiser wants us to do some work with people pre event we are happy to do this as well.

We believe in working together.  We are here to work with you to deliver your plans, dreams and aspirations safely.

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