Over the last few years, there has been a silent revolution in motoring. While the cost of petrol has risen to nearly 3-figures, many people are enjoying 200-miles for less than a tenner! What’s driving this revolution is, quite simply, electric!


Electric cars are not new. Since Victorian times, electric cars have been part of our transport infrastructure! Nowadays, though, you are more likely to see Tesla than a Toyota. Electric cars are becoming mainstream, but what’s all the hype? And what’s preventing you from going electric? Last month, Fleet Evolution visited our Fradley depot and we learned more about the myths and reality of going electric, with the bonus of learning about salary sacrifice!


So how do electric cars work?


Unlike traditional cars, electric cars charge from the best fuelling infrastructure you can get, a plug, at a fraction of the cost of petrol. Then, you just drive! Fully automatic, quick, and smooth, with the best tech. Whatever you are looking for, there is an electric car for you!


Aren’t they expensive?


As with petrol cars, there are some expensive electric cars around. What’s more, they usually only cost slightly more than petrol or diesel cars! When you consider that an electric car typically costs less than £10 for 200 miles of motoring, you quickly recoup this difference. However, Salary Sacrifice makes going electric truly amazing value! It’s a monthly lease with everything but electricity factored in. You save tax and make other savings, making electric car ownership cheaper than keeping a 5-year-old diesel car on the road!


What about range anxiety?


Range anxiety is a thing, but a little like when you had your first iPhone, it’s just a different way of thinking about motoring. Most electric cars have 200 miles range; most of us will only cover 200 miles in one journey 5-times a year. All motorway services, many hotels, pubs, and gyms have charge points that you can easily factor into your journey. After 3 hours of driving, we all need to take a few minutes out, and remember, you’ll never have to wait in a forecourt queue to be fleeced by the pump again!


Am I eligible?


All full-time staff out of probation are eligible, visit www.fleetevolution.com to learn more! However, if you want to tow or you live in apartments or terraced housing, ask our partners for some advice first.