The Send-A-Cheque™ Business Cheque Service from Hinckley-based Checkprint provides a secure outsourcing option for the production of customers’ Business Cheque requirements, including your bank’s recommended Image Survivable Features (ISF’s).

Simply send Checkprint your cheque data and we will do the rest. Cheques are printed and returned to you for your payees, or can be mailed on your behalf. Save time and effort producing your regular cheques runs with the Send-A-Cheque™ Service.

Checkprint are industry leaders in the application of ISF’s on cheques. From a simple Unique Coded Number (UCN) to an innovative and ground breaking patented security feature, the UCN Plus®, a QR code printed on the cheque at time of infilling providing greater security from cheque fraud. We can add a bank recommended ISF as part of the Send-A-Cheque™ Service saving you effort in modifying your cheque production process to include this security feature.

Just give us a call on 01455 615616 to see how.