Employee wellbeing is essential for every business. Yet, unfortunately, SMEs are far less likely to have a strategic and proactive approach to health and wellbeing, compared to larger businesses.
SMEs account for 60% of all employment (around 16 million people) and around 50% of the turnover within the country’s private sector. The smaller size of SME organisations means that their business continuity and success rely on the efficient performance and productivity of their people, and the impact of employees’ ill health and absence can be significant.

Struggling alone
Many small businesses do not have HR functions and, therefore, lack professional expertise on the importance of occupational health and employee wellbeing.
Research also indicates that only two-thirds of small business owners fully understand their obligations regarding employee rights. This failure to engage with the health and wellbeing of employees can lead to a rise in work-related stress, leaveism, presenteeism and absence from work. This increases the burden on business owners through the loss of skills associated with increased staff turnover.

A business risk
Speaking at The AXA Growth Leaders Series, wellbeing expert and entrepreneur Liz Earle, MBE, said not prioritising the health and wellbeing of employees is a real business risk.
“Whether you’re leading a multi-national organisation or a small start-up, your employees are the most valuable asset. Leaders who support and enable a wellbeing-focused workplace can enjoy a more productive and profitable business. In small businesses, leaders are often more visible among their team and can create the positive environment that helps their people thrive.”

Help is at hand – Introducing Medigold Health Protect
Protect was designed to offer SMEs comprehensive Occupational Health solutions. Providing peace of mind for businesses and improving the mental and physical wellbeing of employees.
If you want to:
⦁ Mitigate workplace health risks
⦁ Support legal compliance
⦁ Address employee health concerns
⦁ Identify potential future issues early
⦁ Offer clinical guidance for long-term health issues
⦁ Enhance productivity and improve retention
⦁ Cut absence-related costs
Then Medigold Health Protect is for you!
The Protect package includes both preventive and reactive solutions, such as:
⦁ Access to specialist Occupational Health doctors and nurses both remotely and face-to-face
⦁ Health screening for new starters
⦁ Access to clinical support
⦁ A wide range of wellbeing materials developed by qualified psychologists
⦁ Access to a dedicated, NHS–approved mental health and wellbeing app
All bundled into an affordable and accessible monthly subscription!

Experience 5* SME Occupational Health with Protect

“We have never had Occupational Health before, so the Protect service has been fantastic!”
– Britta Wicks, Head of HR Ecosulis.

“We are delighted to share our positive experience with the Protect portal! The physiotherapy service has been an exceptional incorporation to the service; we are incredibly pleased!”
– Ray Howlett, Rentschler ATMP

“The support in mental health and wellbeing alone deserves five stars! Let alone all the other services offered!”
-Amar Kaursingh, Brooklands College

To find out more, visit Medigold Health Protect – Medigold Health (medigold-health.com)