To support the work we do at The Haven Wolverhampton through our refuges and in in the community, we also provide training and policy writing services to employers and organisations, to help them recognise, respond and refer domestic abuse and disclosures in the workplace. 


The Haven Training have launched a new employer domestic abuse awareness campaign, The Purple Pledge Campaign.  It is our aim to:


  • Support every company in the West Midlands and Black Country to have a robust Domestic Abuse policy in place.
  • Support every company in the West Midlands and Black Country to have a minimum of one Domestic Abuse Champion (a trained individual who has the tools to support employees when they disclose).
  • Support employers to provide a safe, open organisation where employees can recognise, respond and refer.


Our campaign is based around:


  • The lack of policies in place in many organisations.
  • The lack of ‘experts’ to support Domestic Abuse – many organisations have Safeguarding Officers and Mental Health First Aiders, but not Domestic Abuse Workplace Champions. 
  • Employees not knowing how to support and respond to colleagues.
  • Managers and HR having more knowledge about Domestic Abuse to support employees.
  • Organisations showing they are a zero-tolerance company when it comes to Domestic Abuse.


If you are a small company employing less than 10 staff you can receive an introduction template Domestic Abuse Policy and one free training place on our DA Workplace Champion course free of charge.  There are three packages of training (Empower Proactive, Empower Plus, Empower Prime) with Empower Proactive being £125 for a policy, training place and support resources.  All of our training can be bespoke to meet the needs of your organisation as we provide e-learning, webinars and face to face training.


Domestic abuse costs businesses £1.9 billion every year, with the majority of employees affected by domestic abuse saying that it has negatively influenced their work performance or their safety at work.  An abuser may attempt to harass, stalk, threaten or injure a victim at work. 


1 in 5 women & 1 in 10 men are stalked at some point in life

50% of stalking victims quit work as a direct consequence


This behaviour can endanger co-workers and clients as well as victims, putting an entire workplace at risk.  Yet it is estimated that only around 5% of organisations have a domestic abuse policy or guidelines to advise line managers, HR and employees on how to respond and support individuals experiencing domestic abuse, and who feel confident enough to disclose this to their employers.


Statistically your organisation is likely to have several people being subjected to domestic abuse or survivors.  All too often we hear of victims suffering in silence at work, desperate to take that difficult step to get help, but feeling there will be a stigma if they disclose.


If you don’t have a Domestic Abuse Policy please contact us – we can support its introduction and domestic abuse awareness training no matter what size of organisation.  Become a Purple Employer today and sign up to The Purple Pledge.

The Haven Refuge Wolverhampton