BT ceasing the ISDN service by 2025

BT has announced that they will be ceasing the ISDN service by 2025 and whilst this is still some years away, VoIP/Hosted/Unified Comms are the way forward.

With switching off traditional copper lines coming by 2025, it’s time to start thinking about the next best option for your business, the need to be connected 24/7 is now paramount in every industry and relies on a solution that delivers – eve offers a seamless hosted solution where you’ll always be available. We understand it is a challenging time for businesses, and we are supporting the business community with this transition..

Flexible working wherever your desk might be…

Today’s business market has made it essential to stay connected regardless of your location to boost coordination and communication. Our team are highly experienced within the telecoms industry and provide unbiased knowledge and information to help you to choose the right solution for your business.

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