Over recent years Twitter has become integral to businesses online presence, and if used correctly, it can be a powerful marketing tool. However, I still often hear people say, “I don’t get Twitter” or “I have a Twitter account, but I don’t know how to use it.” Here’s my basic rules for Tweeters;

Be personable
Keep your tweets interesting, funny and topical. If you use Twitter to relentlessly sell your product or service then it becomes boring and people switch off. If people can relate to you, they are more likely to trust you and your brand. Remember, Twitter is just like having a conversation, so be personable and engaging.

Use images
Bring your tweets to life by using images and GIF’s, it’s a fact that Twitter users respond better to images. So, keep your text short and sweet and share more pictures.

Be consistent
Be aware of how many times a day you tweet, whilst it’s important to be interactive and communicative be mindful that you don’t bombard people. Try to limit yourself to 5-10 tweets a day. The same rule applies to not tweeting enough, if a visitor clicks on your company twitter page and can see that you haven’t posted in over a month then it gives the impression that you have nothing to say and that person is less likely to follow your page.

Be visible
Make sure your Twitter ID is visible. Ensure that your Twitter ID is on your website, newsletters and email signatures. The more visible your Twitter page is, the more likely people will follow your page. Also, make sure that your ID links to the correct page. There is nothing more annoying than browsing on someone’s website, clicking on their Twitter page and being diverted to the wrong page. It makes your brand look unprofessional and inconsistent.

Use Hashtags
Using hashtags is a great way to expose your company profile to a new audience and gain new followers. When you are attending an event or business exhibition find out what the hashtag for the event is and then actively use it. It’s a great way of seeing who else is at the event and gives you a platform to make new connections.