Are you looking to drive your business forward in 2022 but are worried about having enough manpower to do it? Or maybe your company has made a new year’s resolution to increase engagement in social value activity?  

Whatever your business needs are, whether it’s looking for your next recruit, a passion for upskilling the future workforce or looking for an extra pair of hands to lighten your workload, you’ll be amazed at how [email protected]’s services could be the answer to your needs.  


There has never been a better time to connect with us, as we have students ready and raring to get stuck in with employers to help provide an extra pair of hands and further develop the skills you want in your workforce. With students studying a range of courses from level 2 – 7, across the subject areas of Business, Tourism, Creative Industries, Health, Sport and Food, there is likely to be a student that matches your industry. 


[email protected] service of the month: 

  • Work and Industry Placements – ranging from day release schemes, two weeks to 48 weeks, unpaid and paid options.   

Benefits to employers include:  

  • Discover and develop upcoming talent for your business and industry  
  • Capitalise on new ideas and a fresh perspective  
  • Raise your company profile in the community  


Interested in knowing more about the impact placements have on developing the technical and employability skills you may look for in your next recruit? If yes, then take a look at some of our student stories:  Sven’s (Business Enterprise), Andrea’s (Hospitality), Tom’s (Sport) and Jacob’s (Business College) stories. 


To find out more about our other [email protected] services to employers, take a look at our employers guide here.   

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