Whether you are a start-up or an established temporary recruitment agency, software that automates and streamlines your key administrative tasks will save you time and money. It will vastly increase your team’s productivity, ultimately increasing your profits. Furthermore, it can provide safe and secure data storage and help you remain compliant, which is crucial in a highly regulated industry.


Modern day recruiter problems…

  1. Administration Overload:

One of the biggest problems facing temporary recruiters at any level is the vast number of administrative tasks that come with recruitment, from checking multiple compliance records to making candidate bookings, producing invoices and generating weekly payroll.

Solution: The great strength of software made specifically for the recruitment industry is that it automates all your key administrative processes.

  1. Inefficient Hiring Processes:

Hiring can be a fragmented process, requiring you to communicate with multiple people, gather various documentation, schedule multiple interviews and coordinate multiple bookings.

Solution: Industry-specific software will streamline the entire hiring process. Candidate information and documentation will be stored in one place, available to both agency and clients, anytime and anywhere.

  1. Delayed Hiring Times:

Clients who want to fill roles as quickly as possible expect fast hires. One of the biggest challenges for any agency is making the right hire and processing all documentation to make an efficient booking. Conversely, you may be working with a client who is slowing down the hiring process on their side, putting you at risk of losing talented candidates to competitors. Delays can frustrate agent, candidate and client.

Solution: Using Industry-specific software will speed up the entire process, from candidate selection to making bookings and drawing up contracts. It will also facilitate communication and the transfer of information between agency, candidates and clients.

  1. Data Handling and Security Risks:

Any company who does not comply with data protection laws, GDPR and safely store personal data is at risk of prosecution.

Solution: Secure cloud-based software provides the peace of mind that your data is safely stored. A reputable software provider will also help you face security demands by making regular updates and software patches as well as offering valuable compliance advice and support.

  1. Metrics:

Without advice and support, it can be difficult to decipher the overwhelming data related to your output and how to turn this into actionable information and insights to benefit your business.

Solution: The most comprehensive software will provide flexible reporting on your processes and output to offer useful insights into how to increase business productivity and efficiency.


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