The cheque continues to be a robust and secure way to make payments. According to UK Finance, the body that oversee payment statistics, just 1% of all fraud payments are accounted for by cheques. So, for many organisations, with staff working remotely, and who continue to see the great benefits of making regular payments to suppliers and partners by the ‘good old dependable cheque’ but can’t, a solution is on hand!

Hinckley-based Checkprint, a member of the TALL Group of Companies, has been securely printing cheques for businesses for over 30 years.  Our Send-A-Cheque™ service takes away the stress of producing cheques internally. Let Checkprint do that for you. From one to thousands of cheques, Checkprint can provide bona-fide bank customers with a solution. We will even include the latest bank-recommended fraud prevention Image Survivable Features (ISFs) on the cheque for you to provide additional cheque fraud protection.

The Send-A-Cheque™ service can be easily accessed on a regular basis, for normal, contingency, disaster recovery or any other ad-hoc situations that present themselves. Payments can be made, on your behalf, even if you only know the customer’s address details for instance!

Send-A-Cheque™ allows you to source securely printed infilled and signed business cheques without having to purchase and administer your own cheque printing software. In addition, we can save you time and cost, with no capital investment in cheque infilling equipment, where relatively low volumes of cheques are required. You will have the peace of mind that your business cheques will be managed and printed by an experienced team, on time, securely and trouble free.

For longer payment runs and larger numbers of cheques, Checkprint can even provide you with bespoke cheque designs and will guide you through the process of ordering business cheques that meet your bank guidelines.

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