Attending the Midlands Business Network Expo is a great way for you to grow your professional network, raise brand awareness and build long lasting business relationships. In a world of social media, it’s easy to forget the power of networking and meeting people face-to-face.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should attend the Midlands Business Network Expo.

Grow your business network

The Midlands Business Network Expo welcomes a variety of exhibitors from a range of business sectors. Networking with the exhibitors in the room is an excellent way to meet potential suppliers and customers. Connect and engage with thousands of businesses from across the Midlands and make quality, long lasting relationships.  

Grow your profile

By regularly attending business exhibitions, people will begin to recognise you and your business. This will help you to build your reputation as a trustworthy businessperson. You are more likely to get referrals as you will be the first person that springs to mind when someone needs what you can offer.

Be inspired

Get new ideas for your own business! Networking with hundreds of diverse companies will motivate and inspire you. Find innovative and creative ways to develop your business.

Gain business insight at the free business seminars and talks

By attending the expo, you will have the opportunity to hear from a host of amazing and insightful speakers who will be sharing their expertise and offering free business advice. The business seminars are both engaging and informative, so you’re guaranteed to pick up some useful tips. Take this opportunity to improve your business.

Boost your social media profile

Promote your expo attendance to your social media following by actively use the #MBNEXPO hashtag. It’s a great way of seeing who else is attending the show and gives you a platform to make new online connections.

Do something different

We’re all guilty of falling into a work routine and repeating the same daily activities. In a world of social media, it’s easy to become faceless. Take a few hours out of the office and attend the expo, you never know what you will learn and who you will meet. Meeting people face-to-face is still so powerful and effective and whilst social media is an amazing tool, there is still a huge place in business for networking. Be there, be a part of it!


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