X.COMM, the Stafford-based business communications provider, is calling for all businesses to carry out a review of their communications requirements ahead of the big telephone network switch off in 2025.


The UK’s telecoms networks are changing massively, with BT shutting down its traditional phone lines in favour of internet-based systems. BT will not provide ISDN and PSTN services in the UK past December 2025, pushing for all its business customers to move to VoIP and SIP solutions.


After the BT switch off, all PSTN and ISDN services will cease to operate and there will be no maintenance available. You also can’t upgrade any existing services using traditional phone lines.


“This switch off will affect ALL businesses across the UK, so it makes sense to switch over to an Internet-based solution now,” said John Dowbiggin, MD, X.COMM. “As part of this transition, upgrading your current legacy hardware, including PBX’s, may also be something to consider. Many older phone systems will need to be either replaced, upgraded or have additional components added to them to allow them to continue working over new IP Telephony lines.”


The X.COMM team are experts, providing Hosted Telephony services for many high profile customers. They have a whole range of solutions to meet the needs of all businesses. So, why not take advantage of the ultimate in telecommunications solutions and embrace this change before the final countdown begins.


X.COMM is a business telecoms and IT Support provider, delivering its services across the UK and internationally with its head office based in Stafford. To find out more about X.COMM go to xcomm.co.uk or call 03333 447 092.