X.COMM, the Stafford-based business communications provider, can unify your communications and connect all your company mobiles to the office phone system so you can always present the main office or a DDI number, whether the call was made from a landline or mobile.


X.COMM Mobile UC operates on any smart mobile phone, turning the mobile into a Pocket PBX via an app installed on the phone.  Once installed the app runs in the background and enables the phone to run as an extension of your office VoIP phone system.


With X.COMM Mobile UC, when combined with X.COMM Hosted Telephony, you can…

  • Turn your mobile into an extension of your phone system
  • Record your mobile calls
  • Retrieve your call recordings at any time with the use of a simple web based app
  • Control which telephone numbers your clients see
  • Transfer calls from your mobile to any of your colleagues on an X.COMM extension, or even an X.COMM Mobile UC user, at your company.
  • Be anywhere in the world and make a call from your mobile and send your office main number or even your own DDI number and if clients call you back you will receive the call on your mobile
  • Use Wi-Fi with our UC app to continue to communicate if you have no cellular signal
  • Reduce your accounting overheads by having all your communications, including your phone system and mobile phone call charges made via the app, on a single bill
  • Cut expenditure on call charges and purchasing mobile devices as employees can use the app on their own smart phone, with all their business calls routed through the app
  • PORT your existing mobile numbers to our network and even PORT any standard telephone numbers that you wish us to send when you make calls


X.COMM is a business telecoms and IT Support provider, delivering its services across the UK and internationally with its head office based in Stafford. To find out more about X.COMM go to xcomm.co.uk or call 03333 447 092.