Imagine you had a team of passionate sales people who consistently brought in new business – and it didn’t cost you a penny! This team is ready and waiting in the wings – your own customers!

Who better to speak authoritatively about a product or service, than someone who uses it? Unlike traditional salespeople, your customers won’t use marketing buzz words; they’ll skip the feature list to get straight to the benefits. And not only do they have authentic knowledge of what you do, but they know what it’s like to work with you, making their experience far more valuable than that of a paid salesperson.

Testimonials & trust

Whether we’re procuring goods of services for our business or doing personal shopping for home and family, before committing to a new supplier or making any purchase – holidays, utilities, services and consumer goods of all types – most of us now do online research. We read reviews, check feedback, watch product demos etc. Essentially, we look to others for reassurance and validation of our choices.

This social proof has become a fundamental part of the buyer’s journey. But how often have you read a website testimonial that doesn’t ring true? Or one that’s simply signed “John S.” or “Miss J. Smith”? How confident are you about trusting that kind of feedback?

This is where video comes into play. With a well-made film, you can turn your customers’ glowing feedback into the best sales tool you have ever had.

Why video?

Anyone can write a text testimonial and sign it with an invented name. But a video testimonial allows potential customers to learn about your product from the people who know it best, without feeling that they are being sold to. Having real, relatable people on screen talking naturally and with genuine enthusiasm about their actual experience of the product and of your organisation will instantly build rapport and make potential customers warm to you.

The feedback loop

Asking a client to appear in a video testimonial shows that their opinion matters and you value their custom so much that you want to make a film about working with them. If you trade business-to-business then the exercise can be a genuine win-win for you and the featured customer: a little back story from them, about their business and why they chose to work with you, gives potential buyers further insight into why they should be working with you. It also  means the customer in the video has a valuable asset to share with their own networks, providing even more exposure for your business.

Shareable & flexible

When filming interviews, there’s often lots of great material that doesn’t make the final cut, so, with a little forethought and planning, a single filming session can provide material not just for one in-depth testimonial or case study, to use on your website or YouTube channel, but for a number of 30- to 90-second snippets for social media. These can be used as trailers or tasters that direct potential customers to the longer video. You can also post them throughout your website, which will not only drive more traffic, but encourage people to browse for longer. Including links to the testimonials in email signatures is another way to make the most of this powerful medium.

Practising what we preach

At Definition Media, we do all types of video work, including customer testimonials, product demos, how-tos and animated explainers. We also advise on strategy, help you plan the video prepare for filming, shot and edit the content. One recent project with Atheon Analytics, which you can read about here ( gives an idea of what we do and how we work.

But getting back to our original idea of the hidden salesforce, we recorded Ian Hall, the Chief Operating Officer at Atheon talking about how he found working with us, so let’s go over to Ian to tell you more:

Remember, people value the thoughts and opinions of other customers. So if you’re doing a great job, providing great products or services, why not turn your customers into your greatest sales force?

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